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Alice blue gown

I once had a gown that was almost new, Oh, the daintiest thing, it was sweet Alice Blue; With little forget-me-nots placed here and there, When I had it on, I walked on air,

In my sweet little Alice Blue Gown, When I first wandered down into town, I was both proud and shy, As I felt ev'ry eye, But in ev'ry shop window I'd primp, passing by; Then in manner of fashion I'd frown. And the world seem'd to smile all around, Till it wilted I wore it, I'll always adore it, My sweet little Alice Blue Gown.


Sheet music; Songs with piano



Tierney, Harry, 1890-1965


New York : Leo. Feist, Inc.

University of Iowa Libraries. Rita Benton Music Library




McCarthy, Joseph, 1885-1943


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