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Of her work, Iorga writes,"My art is a burst of the subconscious. In my conception, art is concerned with the expression of both the spiritual and the material. My images start by being concrete and representational. The next step for me is to remove the tangibility of the object, layer after layer, revealing its spiritual, abstract essence. I think that the expression of pure feeling puts the viewer in touch with an alternative, ultimately spiritual world. I find myself in a continuous search of the perfect visual form, a search which sometimes torments me and sometimes makes me happy. I try to develop a visual language without limitations on inventivity. The words of this personal language are sometimes fragile, at other times harsh and rigid. I like to create a lot of contrasts in my images, so I often opposerigid forms or structures to organic forms. The line is pure energy for me; my emotion governs the line and the mood of my images."


Iorga, Cristina


University of Iowa. School of Art and Art History




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