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Cross Pollination

Cross Pollination


Cross Pollination


Michael Groesbeck was born and raised in Charles City, Iowa, but at age 16 moved with his mother and sister to Des Moines, where he has lived for 23 years. He graduated from Grand View College in 1999 with a BA in Creative and Performing Arts with an emphasis in communications for Radio/Television and Photography. He has run his own photography studio, Portraits of Iowa, for the last eight years. He has also been a part of Very Special Arts of Iowa, an organization of disabled artists, for the over 15 years. The group curates shows that are displayed at the Iowa State Fair every year and are lent to businesses throughout Des Moines the remainder of the y
About his photographs, Michael says: When I look for subjects to photograph, I look into the beauty that radiates to all of us. I used to draw and sketch before my disability (Muscular Dystrophy) worsened. So I redirected my abilities into my photographic works of art. I look at pieces and try to shoot them in a way that captures the inner imagination we all have and the beauty that it emits. I look for details others may overlook and bring that out as well. I have shot 35 mm film for over 7 years and have since moved into the digital age within the last year. Within the pieces I have chosen are a basis of Nature and the beauty that it has to offer.


Groesbeck, Michael


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