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Gianna Commito received an MA in Painting and Drawing in 2002. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Painting at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio.

The simplification, or abbreviation, of familiar images allows for visual inconsistencies to emerge. It is these discrepancies that engage me, that are the entry point into abstraction. My drawings and paintings are derived from different architectural constructions and building blocks, either through the literal representation of materials such as wood and bricks or by utilizing the physicality of paint itself as a structural element. Alluding to such a diversity of materials, from rustic logs and stones to slick aluminum and vinyl, provides space to push the varied qualities of oil paint. The subjects are aberrations that either introduce or obliterate detail in an otherwise predictable setting--they are forced to compromise and share. Components are often involved in small struggles or quiet negotiations, giving the paintings a conflicting sense of both insistence and surrender.


Commito, Gianna


University of Iowa. School of Art and Art History





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