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Above the Din


Growing up in California, William Barnes attended UCLA before studying painting at Drake with Jules Kirschenbaum. He then studied with Byron Burford in Iowa City, whose course in materials and techniques introduced him to egg tempera and casein, his major media since. Soon after his Iowa City period, signs appeared of what has become Barnes' signature style - landscapes noted for their "loneliness" by a local critic alternated with still-life studies of odd combinations of small objects. Recently, after sojourns in Tucson and Santa Fe, Barnes is bringing a warmer, more relaxed ambience to his exotic works.

Krogstad, an Iowa native who now lives near Minneapolis, paints the Midwestern landscape, concentrating on the region's skies, rivers, lakes, and …strong, honest farm buildings. He is particularly drawn to skies, as is evident from the sometimes threatening, sometimes wispy clouds that dominate many of his paintings. Richard sees painting as a way of preserving the pastoral landscape. He writes, …Perhaps what is left can be considered worth saving, if it is seen with new eyes.


Barnes, William


University of Iowa. School of Art and Art History




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