Untitled, water sequence

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Untitled, water sequence


Lily Michaud was born and raised in Iowa City, Iowa. She earned her BA in Art and Mathematics from Smith College, and her MFA in Photography from University of New Mexico. In recent years she has had a number of solo shows across the country.

She creates photo-based installations in order to transmit experiences stemming from her spiritual practices. Michaud's subjects are often overlooked elements of the everyday life. Whether photographing constellations made out of debris, or asking viewers to look again at being in their bodies, she shares her awe at the ordinary. Michaud manipulates the viewing environment to provide a relaxed, intimate experience. The play between the elusive subject matter, (meditative experience), and the concreteness of the photographic medium peak the viewer's curiosity. Refreshing the sense of wonder that makes the everyday a portal to the Absolute. Michaud currently lives and works in Iowa City.


Michaud, Lily


University of Iowa. School of Art and Art History




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