Untitled Flower From Steel Perennials Collection

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Untitled Flower From Steel Perennials Collection


Skip Willits earned a degree in studio art with an emphasis in art education from Western Illinois University in 1978. His predominant medium is welded metal, using materials such as steel, aluminum and bronze with various techniques from arc to torch welding. In 1983 he completed and placed "Ring of Life," his first large-scale work. Since then he has created and placed dozens of public and private indoor and outdoor sculptures locally and throughout the United States and Europe. He currently resides in Camanche, Iowa.

The flower has been a subject I return to again and again. As I cut and weld the steel parts together, I let the flower grow and mature on its own. The shapes come together almost magically in my studio. each time I make one, I'm transported to a metaphysical garden where all things are clear and peaceful


Willits, Vernon Skip


University of Iowa. School of Art and Art History




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