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Black & White Photograph


Dan Powell currently lives in the Pacific Northwest, but taught photography at the University of Northern Iowa for several years.

Dan's recent work is inspired by several trips to Europe where he studied the antiquities of Greece and Italy. His black and white photographs of partial ruins and statuary provide a base for such series as Traces In Passing and Classical Measures. Dan will often manipulate his images to a degree by sepia toning and other techniques. Both the black and white image and the toning accentuate his subject matter. Recent prints have taken on a diptych format, with two distinct images almost read as book pages. One image will often appear blurry or obscured while the other is in distinct focus. There is a mystery to his photographs that imply myth or stories from long ago, but they also contain a modern day narrative open for interpretation.


Powell, Dan


University of Iowa. School of Art and Art History




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