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Beach Seen 262


Before retiring in the spring of 2004, Keith was the head of the University of Iowa printmaking program. He has been appointed to many visiting artist and lecturer positions in the last forty years. His work is in more than 80 museum, institutional and corporate collections around the world.

Keith Achepohl's prints are investigations of nature that feature layers of rich textures and earthy hues. Many of his prints reflect his extensive exploration of the Mediterranean region, which he visits yearly as part of his duties as director of the University of Iowa Summer in Venice program. This is especially evident in his recent work, which centers on the sea. Plant life and shells float on textured backgrounds that resemble beaches and water. The dream-like quality of these works is amplified in several instances with the appearance of a hand, face or foot among the oceanic elements. This disembodied figure is labeled Narcissus in one work, an allusion to the Greek god who was in love with his own image.


Achepohl, Keith


University of Iowa. School of Art and Art History




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