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James Kasper shows sculptural woodfired vessels. This newer work is larger and more sculptural than in the past. Kasper often involves himself in certain intellectual investigations when creating his work, reflecting his training as a physicist.

Kasper writes,""In this new body of work I am looking at the collective through scale and artistic intent. Nature is the beginning for both religion and science. In the earliest human efforts at understanding the world they were closely allied if not inseparable. With the Enlightenment a schism developed. Science describes nature, but does not explain it. In the effort to maintain the core bits of revealed religion many faiths closed the door on the admission of new literature and revelation. But science continued looking at the world and showing many of those parts of the ancient texts dealing with the natural world to be in error.".I have chosen to work with vessels in the larger scale of the collective (unconscious), but with direct links to the individual in use: bowls and platters that have a volume for serving many, vases that in scale and weight are more suited for semi-fixed locations and viewing from a distance by a group of people.


Kasper, Jim


University of Iowa. School of Art and Art History




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