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Postcard series


Buildings; Aquatic animals; Seascapes; Shells (Animal); Beaches; Sailboats

England -- Oxon



Textile postcards constructed from dyed and digitally printed fabric, wadding and pelmet Vilene. Processes include layering, appliqué, and stitching.

On browsing through the titles I found several relating to the Isle of Wight. As I had spent an enjoyable holiday in 2004 walking the Wight coastal path I immediately felt a connection with the subject matter. I had taken some photos with 'I might make something one day' in mind. This was the kick-start I needed. The 5 textile pieces inspired by the card are constructed from artist-dyed and/or digitally printed fabric, wadding and pelmet Vilene. Layers are machine and hand stitched, some with additional appliqué using various materials. I chose to work in a postcard format (6 by 4 inch) for several reasons. The postcard signifies holidays and relates to some extent to the original index card. It also allows me the possibility of display in the Arts Café where works need to fit in to a small glass case. My pieces are more like the souvenir postcards you buy for yourself to stick in a journal than ones you intend to send. I added my own musings on the backs of the postcards to reflect my


Couch, Ros


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