Card up my sleeve

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Card up my sleeve


Palms; Butterflies; Clocks & watches; Birds; Stars

United States -- Wisconsin -- La Crosse



Shirt sewn with stamped catalog cards.

I've always liked paper-the feel of it and the sound of it. I recall fashioning "garments" out of the thin, brown, crunchy-sounding paper my father's dry cleaning came back in when I was a little girl. I wrapped myself up in this paper with the help of some tape and traveled to the land of imagination…. When card catalogs became obsolete, it saddened me. First of all, I always thought the cabinets themselves looked good. Most important, however, was now I could never root around in all those lovely pasteboard cards - finding what I was looking for and often discovering things I hadn't been looking for. I'm used to electronic retrieval systems, but they lack the snug, comfortable friendliness of the old cards. Thanks for a chance to relate to old acquaintances again.


Sauls, Shirley


University of Iowa. Libraries. Special Collections Dept.





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