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Man in white clothing is Mac Crutchfield. They are burning the haystack to remove it from the airfield.

Billy Robinson in cockpit looking over tail of airplane. Open frame of rear half of airplane body is visible.

Billy Robinson in seat of early model biplane. Air plane has many wires stabilizing the wing structure. Two sets of dual wheels on skids.

Billy Robinson in pilot's seat of his single engine biplane. Unknown man in suit is alongside airplane with hat blowing away.

Billy Robinson in cockpit of parked monoplane. Airplane is parked facing a fence and the right wheel appears to be in a deep rut in the ground.

Billy Robinson, an early Grinnell (Iowa) aviator, piloting airplane.

Billy Robinson studying in his room prior to 1909. Photographs adorn walls, oil lamp on table. Back of photograph: Gift of Donna Robinson Garland (Billy's daughter)

Biplane piloted by Billy Robinson on grass strip. Wing structure includes a shorter middle tier. Wheel base is attached to skids.

Biplane parked in front of tent and empty grandstand with unknown man posing in front of airplane.

Billy Robinson returning from a flight. Man in suit in front of biplane giving speech.