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A woman, Arcana Celestia (Lettie) Pascal, holds the reins of a horse. A colt stands beside the horse. Arcana is the sister of Descartes Pascal.

A barber in his shop stands beside a customer seated in a chair.

Boys on horse-drawn sleds in winter. Lee Pascal and Jasper Babcock are on the front sled. Percy Pascal and Jim Townsen are on the rear sled. The horse's name is Daisy. The photo is taken in front of the corn crib on the Pascal farm.

Family group posed in front of the Boysen home located between Grand Mound and DeWitt in Clinton County, Iowa.

The Bussen farm, east of Grand Mound, Iowa. A man is at a pump near the fence at the front of the yard.

The Bussen farm house and outbuildings in winter. The house and yard are enclosed by a picket fence. The lawn is covered with snow. There is cupola on one of the outbuildings.

A boy pours something from a bucket into a cauldron steaming over a fire. The girls are dressed in coats and bonnets.

Farm workers threshing oats and stacking straw. A steam engine is on the left and a separator is on the right. Ten with pitchforks are on top of the straw pile.

This image depicts a field with several hay stacks. Two men are shown; one is at work stacking the wild prairie grass hay.

George and Descartes (Dan) Pascal at the John Pascal farm in Pocahontas, Iowa. The man on the right holds a rifle.