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Side profile sketch of Uncle Miles Bach Quick Sands Kentucky part of a series completed by Christian Petersen

Painted plaster full figure study of Vitus Bering, Danish explorer who discovered the Bering Strait. Measuring 43.2 cm x 12.7 cm x 12.7 cm.

Sketch of wickiup interior with family and fireplace (p. 37 in Cha-Ki-Shi)

Sketch of wickiup (unpublished) showing exterior and the fireplace inside for Cha-Ki-Shi. Includes editorial comments on border.

Sketch of woman making nettle string (p. 93 in Cha-Ki-Shi). (Dimension 4"").

Sketch (unpublished) of the women gathering the cattails

Sketch (unpublished) of women making maple sugar

Sketch of women making maple sugar (p. 107 in Cha-Ki-Shi). Editorial comments on border.