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Drake Times-Delphic articles previewing the 1964 Drake Relays.

A Drake Times-Delphic article about the winners of the 1964 Drake Relays Parade.

Pictures of athletes in competition at the 1971 Drake Relays.

Yvonne Marie West, 1971 Drake Relays Queen , and Drake pageant winners Connie Siegfried and Linda Hodo. This image and caption are from the Drake Times-Delphic.

Drake Times-Delphic page filled with stories of records broken at the 1971 Drake Relays.

A Drake-Times Delphic article previewing the athletes that will compete in the 1971 Drake Relays.

The Times-Delphic recaps the 1980 Drake Relays in images.

Times-Delphic recap of the standout performances of the 1980 Drake Relays. Also of note are athletes' opinions on President Jimmy Carter's proposed boycott of the Summer Olympics in Moscow.

A Drake Times-Delphic column about a student's first experience at the Drake Relays Street Painting.

A captioned picture of a Drake student, Bruce Whitt, painting a square at Street Painting.