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Skip and Leo Heitzman seated at tables eating behind the gardener's house, women unknown.

View looks Northwest

Photograph of southwest view of the barn.

Photograph of Billy Burden's Spaniel dog Bobby, taken by the Chauffeur's house.

Photograph of a statue of Frindy or Vidie in the Grey house living room.

Photograph of people seated at bench & tables eating at Sullivan party.

Children seated, Left to right: Don Heitzman, Vidie Burden, Nan Kirch, Ray Heitzman, Ginny Kirch, Frindy Burden, Norm Kirch. Adults kneeling, Left to right: Unknown male (in hat), Hanzie Zurcher, Katherine ?ǣKay?ǥ Sullivan (behind), Arlene…

Standing from left: unknown man, Mrs. Heitzman, Red Sullivan, Evelyn Friedlein, Hazel Marshall, George Marshall. Seated from left to right: Kay Sullivan, unknown, unknown, unknown.