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Statue of George Washington Carver by Christian Petersen, sculptor-in-residence in the late 1940's. Originally a plaster sculpture, it was given to the University and placed in Carver Hall at the dedication of the hall in 1970 by the Class of 1968.…

Booklet made for Mary Charlotte Petersen, daughter.
Audio of Carol Elbert reading aloud "Hello Beautiful"

Engraved print of Mary Charlotte Petersen, daughter

Illustrations for Hello Beautiful, booklet made for Mary Charlotte Petersen, daughter

Installation of the Marriage Ring fountain basin (terra cotta1942) Located near MacKay Hall.

February 5, 1936
Hiss Halla Rhode
Miss Bessie Coon
1357 East 13th Street
Des Moines, Iowa
Dear Miss Rhode and Miss Coon:
Again I am writing you about the pictures for CHA-KI-SHI. I had
a talk with our printer yesterday …

Personal letter from Christian Petersen friend, engraver George Nerney (Massachusetts), describing his responses to Hello Beautiful, a printed booklet Petersen created for his daughter Mary Charlotte Petersen.

Christian Petersen in his studio working on a full-size clay model of the Madonna of the Schools, with small clay versions of all the St. Cecilia sculptures.

Sketch of maple sugar making (p. 107 in Cha-Ki-Shi). Dimension (4"").

View of Marriage Ring fountain basin (terra cotta1942) with Catt Hall behind it. Located near MacKay Hall.