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This is a short review of Keyes' life in outline form listing his education, professional activities, and personal life.

This newspaper article announces Charles Keyes plans to resume teaching at Cornell College after his retirement the previous spring.

This newspaper article from the Des Moines Tribune features Dr. Charles Reuben Keyes, 76, state archaeologist for 25 years, has 160, 000 specimens, collected and cataloged for easy reference. They include 30 private collections which were given to…

This article is a tribute to Charles Keyes and all his accomplishments during the past 80 years of his life. The article is from the Mount Vernon Hawkeye-Record and the Lisbon Herald

This is a newspaper article by Anita Lindermann from The Cedar Rapids Gazette titled, "Effigy Mounds Center Attracting Thousands."

State Historical Society of Iowa Newsletter article titled, "Effigy Mounds National Monument a Major Historical Site."

This is a newspaper obituary for Charles Reuben Keyes who died July 23, 1951. The articles was in the Mount Vernon Hawkeye, vo. lxxxi, number 40, July 26, 1951, page 1.

This is a list of 38 publications spanning 1893 through 1951 by Charles Rueben Keyes compiled by Dr. J. Harold Ennis in the Journal of the Archeological Society, vol 1, No. 2, January 1952