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Prof. E.B. Kurtz, head of Electrical Engineering Department, points to a chart during his illustrated talk as part of W9XK's inaugural combined broadcast with radio station WSUI, Jan. 25, 1933.

Prof. E.B. Kurtz, head of the Dept. of Electrical Engineering, adjusting a television receiving set manufactured by Echophone Company. Echophone manufactured sets that were capable of receiving the W9XK signal.

Prof. E.B. Kurtz, head of the Dept. of Electrical Engineering. He, along with radio station WSUI manager Carl Menzer, were largely responsible for the development of experimental television broadcasting during the 1930's at UI.

Prof. E.G. Blackstone of the College of Commerce, giving an illustrated lecture on shorthand, broadcast on W9XK, 1933. Note microphone to pick up sound and photoelectric cells on left to pick up picture.

E.M. Lonsdale making adjustments on monitor panel in W9XUI television broadcasting studio, 1941.

Edwin B. Kurtz was born 1894, died Jan. 14, 1978.

The Electrical Engineering building where the television studio and transmitter were located on the ground floor.

Entrance to the W9XK television studio, Electrical Engineering Building, northeast corner of Iowa Avenue and Dubuque St., Iowa City, Iowa, 1930s.

Report recommends approving University of Iowa's application for experimental television broadcasting license.

Federal Radio Commission rules and regulations for acquisition of a television broadcasting license and notice from the Federal Radio Commission of hearing for the University of Iowa's application for an experimental television broadcasting license.…