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Introduction written in 1965 by Paul Dysart, Jr., grandson to Henry Dysart. Original diary donated to the National Military Park, Pea Ridge, Arkansas.

Moyle, a resident of Hillsboro, Iowa, (Henry Co.), was a member of the 25th Regiment of Iowa Volunteers and participated in the siege of Vicksburg and encounters at Dallas, Georgia. His letters, addressed to his parents, include descriptions of…

Contains references to Col. William Stone, deserters, Copperheads, and temperance.

Details life in a camp near Vicksburg where she resided with her husband, a surgeon with the 15th Iowa Volunteer Regiment.

Application for a position as an Asst. Surgeon in the United States Navy as well as the initial medical test with answers given by the applicant.

Letters written during the Civil War which include references to the siege of Vicksburg and the Atlanta campaign.

The papers of the Ward family consist primarily of letters written by George D. Ward to his sister Eliza Ward Phillips and his brother John Ward. There are also letters written to George from his father, Benjamin R. Ward, his uncle William, and…

The military tribunal which tried the conspirators in Lincoln's assassination was convened May 1, 1865 and ran about seven weeks. Many of the commissioners, prosecutors, and reporters' signatures are included in this album.

Letters to his father, sister and brother in Albia, Monroe County, Iowa and journal excerpts concerning camp life and activities; containing references to General Sherman, the battle of Shiloh and the siege of Vicksburg.