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Two sets of railroad tracks next to a river. A tower and signals are visible in the distance. "Crossing of Rock Island and Ill. Cent. R. R. Cedar Falls, Iowa"--Caption on image. " "Feb. 6. 1914. Dear Friend, I read your card and was very much…

Single story wooden depot.

Single story brick and stone depot with a signal on a pole in front of it. There are other buildings behind and beyond the station. A couple of carts are parked next to the station.

Two story brick building with street lamp and parking meter at curb in front and a wooden utility pole with a sign reading "No Truck Parking."

Brick depot with a panel truck parked behind and carts parked nearby. Signal on a pole.

Sign for Cedar Rapids Yd. Freight cars and engine. "Wm. S. Kuba, 2900 D Ave N.E., Cedar Rapids, Iowa"--Photograph verso. "SP Power"--Caption in scrapbook.

Single story brick depot with bench and barrel. "R. E. Lawler, 400 1/2 E. 3rd St. West Liberty, Iowa"--Photograph verso.

Single story depot with large buildings around it. Automobile in front and person on sidewalk. Mailbox on corner. Large building with sign for "Collins Radio Company". "CRANDIC"--Photograph verso.

Single story depot with sign for Cedar Rapids on roof and flag on pole. Carts under overhang. "New station. Wm. S. Kuba, 2900 D Ave N.E., Cedar Rapids, Iowa"--Photograph verso.

Large depot with covered platforms on both sides of tracks. Signal on pole. Carts on platform. Train car on tracks. "The C & N.W. passenger station at Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Also CRIP.