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Letter to a prospective student who inquired about training in television and information about how to receive the W9XK signal.

Requesting permission for Prof. E.B. Kurtz, College of Engineering, to meet with Chicago engineers concerning television broadcasting equipment needs.

Seeking permission to travel to Chicago to meet with Western Television Corporation officials about project.

Offer to return piano to music department, as it is no longer needed by now-defunct television service.

Rood, a professor of engineering, expressed skepticism of plans for an experimental television station at the University of Iowa, in this letter addressed to Carl Menzer, manager of radio station WSUI.

Letter of application to the Federal Radio Commission to grant an experimental television broadcasting license to the University of Iowa, with additional letter of support to Sen. Brookhart, both written by Carl Menzer, manager, radio station WSUI.

An over-all view of W9XK's telecasting equipment, showing scanning unit (at left) and amplifier-monitor panel. Handles on scanner are used to direct scanning beam on object in studio on other side of the wall. Prof. E.B. Kurtz, head of the Electrical…

View of television transmitter for W9XK. Transmitter operated on 2050 kilocycles or a wave length of 146 meters. Pictured at left is Prof. E.B. Kurtz, head of the Electrical Engineering Department, holding a transmitter tube, and J.L. Potter,…