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John and Veronica Heitzman with grandchildren in front of house. Front row from left: Jeff Heitzman, John Heitzman, Laurelle Pickett, Jill Heitzman, and Veronica Heitzman. Back row from left: Roger Raine, Darlene Conzett, Bob Heitzman.

Heitzman adults seated at table at gathering behind gardener's house.

Children and adult Heitzmans seated at bench and chairs at gathering, south side of the barn in the background.

Photograph of High Bridge looking from Eagle Point Park over the Mississippi River. The bridge had wooden plank road first, then metal grating later.

Photograph of hogshed looking northwest.

Horses by tent at a fair or circus with a man holding ropes.

Horses pulling sleigh on grounds in winter. Taken at Four Mounds grounds.

Topsy and Jim the horses feeding behind the barn.

Eleanor Heitzman Fabel changing bedding in White house, Frindy Burden's room.

Buildings from left to right: lower garage (demolished), Ice house, hog shed, looking northwest.