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Photograph of two women standing in line by trees and frence. Hannah Driscoll on the right.

Left to right: Don Heitzman, Sandy James, and Leo Heitzman with dogs Dan, Bobby, Jerry. Photograph taken at south end of barn, milk separating room at right.

Heitzman boys sitting at bench and table eating at family picnic, taken at the west of the gardener's house. From left: Joe Raine, Skip Heitzman, unknown, Greg Heitzman.

Ray Heitzman (left) and Sandy James outdoor kneeling with spaniel.

Standing left to right: Arlene Friedlein, Kay Sullivan, Cletus Heitzman, a Zimmerman girl(Frank Sullivan's niece). On ground left to right: Ray Heitzman, Don Heitzman, Norm Kirch, Jannan Kirch. Photograph at Sullivan's property.

From left to right: John Heitzman, Evelyn Friedlein, Sandy James(hat), Donald Heitzman(hat). Evelyn Friedlein is holding flowers. Taken between barn and Chauffeur's house, looking north.

Heitzman family playing game behind the barn. Roger Raine (left) and Darlene Conzett (right).

Heitzman family reunion on the farm campus of Four Mounds. First row, from left to right: Mike Conzett, Joe Raine, Sheila Conzett, Florence Raine. Second row, Laurelle (Fabel) Pickett (left), Laura Raine (right). Third row, from left to right:…

Heitzman family gathering picnic and barbeque. La Veda Heitzman, Darlene Conzett, Leo Heitzman, Jeanette Heitzman, Mary Heitzman(far right) with barn and chauffeur's house in the background.

Marsha Heitzman, Larelle Fabel, Pam Heitzman in foreground at gathering. Lady in dark dress is Florence Raine; Lady in red slacks and top is Mary Heitzman. Two men in background are Roger and Guerdon Raine.