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Single story wooden depot with platform next to tracks. Signal on pole. Buildings across tracks from depot.

Grain elevator. "View looks W. Ron Sims photo, 2717 Cornell, D.M. IA 50313"--Photograph verso.

Single story depot with sign for Buffalo and Rock Island insignia.

Single story depot with grain elevator next to it. Other buildings behind. People on platform. "Elevator and Gt. Western depot, Burchinal, IA"--Caption on photograph. "James L. Rueber, 2509 South Shore Drive, Clear Lake, Iowa 50428"--Photograph…

Snow covered ground. Sign for Burchinal on two short poles. Large building with railroad car next to it.

Large buildings next to tracks. Train on tracks. Sign for Burchinal on two poles. "[V]iew looks N & E. [Ro]n Sims, [27]17 Cornell, [D.]M. IA 50313"--Photograph verso.

Open field. "[Vie]w looks NW. [Ro]n Sims photo, [27]17 Cornell, [DM] IA 50313"--Photograph verso.

Curved road next to walking trail with houses along the road. "Looks N. New Cedar Valley trail. Ron Sims photo, 2717 Cornell, D.M. IA 50313"--Photograph verso.

Two story wooden depot with sign for Wood Tower. Two automobiles and railroad crossing sign near depot. Ulitity lines. Bridge over river with train on it in the background. "Q Wood Tower"--Photograph verso.

Large building with automobiles in parking lot.