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Photo shows two sleeping baby great horned owls in a tree nest with the remains of a rabbit.

Dr. Keyes is at the top of a tall ladder examining an owls' nest?

This photo shows two sparrows? talking to each other on a tree branch.

This is a photo of Dr. Charles Reuben Keyes examining glass slides in his laboratory.

Princeton University President Woodrow Wilson responds to Charles Keyes' letter. Keyes asked if students who earn higher grades earn more points toward graduation.

This is a letter from Arthur Cleveland Bent from the Smithsonian Institution thanking Dr. Keyes for agreeing to contribute to the book Life Histories of North American Birds that Mr. Bent is working on.

A.C. Bent, of the Smithsonian Institution, is responding to Keyes' letter about the loss of water fowl in Iowa and telling him about his progress on the book he is writing.

This letter from Mr. Powers to Mr. Keyes congratulates him for the probable improvement of the Archaeology Department and Museum because of a generous gift of over 4 million dollars to the college. Mr Powers also speaks of the articles and books he…

This letter from U.S. House Representative G.N. Haugen, acknowledges the receipt of a letter from Keyes who asks him to extend protected status to the American bald eagle.

This letter was written to Professor Keyes by former student Harry C. Trimble who was congratulating him on the many activities he was involved in. Mr. Trimble wrote this letter after reading about Professor Keyes accomplishments in a recent Cornell…