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Correspondence written by Davis to his wife and daughters on such matters as troop morale, slavery, Copperheads, camp life, and battle.

Contains details about life in rural Iowa and news about family and friends as well as words of encouragement for husband John.

Primarily correspondence from Butler to his wife while he was serving with the 26th Iowa Infantry Regiment during the Civil War.

Asahel Mann and his two brothers were soldiers in Company A of the 4th Iowa Volunteer Cavalry. Asahel enlisted in Aug. 1861 at age 18, was taken prisoner on Oct. 11, 1862 in Jones Lane, Ark., and was exchanged and returned to his company on Dec. 1,…

Introduction written in 1965 by Paul Dysart, Jr., grandson to Henry Dysart. Original diary donated to the National Military Park, Pea Ridge, Arkansas.

Letters to and from Dr. Asa Bean and his wife Mary.

Correspondence between Dr. Asa Bean and his family while he served as a surgeon in the Union Army in Maryland, Louisiana, and Tennessee. Dr. Bean died of disease on a hospital ship April 26, 1863 as his wife, Mary Bean, was traveling to Memphis to…

Letters to Bean family members from Asa and Mary Bean's sons James and John, primarily concerning James' life as an engineering student at the University of Michigan.