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George Burden and Viola Burden in buggy with a man standing at the side. Taken at Sullivan's property.

George Albert Burden standing next to a mortorcycle wearing a riding outfit.

Photograph of people and a truck. Bed of truck, from left to right: Leo Heitzman, Don Heitzman, unknown, unknown, Veronica Heitzman, Ray Heitzman; grounds, from left to right: Clete Heitzman, John Heitzman, Bobby the dog; in truck cab: George A.…

Miss Gibbs, secretary at the Burden office, sitting in buggy with her husband. Taken at Sullivan's property.

Photograph of a girl in a casual top with rolled up pants standing by bushes.

Frindy(left) and Vidie(right) seated holding dolls; chair with dolls in middle, near White house rock garden.

Frindy Burden(left) and Virginia Kirch(right) on fench around playhouse.

Iva Lee and Frindy playing outdoors on a glider swing. A Mrs. Lee was the sister of Viola Rider Burden.

Janaan(right) and Virginia Kirch(older sisters of Norm Kirch) between the Grey house and the White house.