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Two railroad tracks next to grain elevator. Sign for Booneville between two tracks. Road to left of tracks. Railroad crossing signals, bridge for the road, and bridge for railroad tracks in distance. "[Vi]ew looks W. [Ro]n Sims photo, [27]17…

Sign for Bouton next to two sets of tracks. Grain elevator beyond sign. Large building on opposite side of tracks. Utility lines. "View looks East. Photo taken by: Ronald D. Sims, 3402 W. 50th Street, Apt. 2, Des Moines 10, Iowa"--Photograph…

Depot with sign for Bowsher and For Sale. "On Colfax Div. Abandoned 1946. Station No. C-8. Photo by Ronald Sims, 4207 Bowdoin St., Des Moines 13, Iowa"--Photograph verso.

Single story wooden depot with sign for Boxholm. Railroad car sitting on tracks left of depot. Cart and person standing next to depot. Farm house in background. Electrical power lines next to tracks.

Small single story wooden depot. "James L. Rueber, 2509 South Shore Drive, Clear Lake, Iowa 50428"--Photograph verso.

Tracks crossing a road. Railroad crossing sign. "View looks W. on a very foggy morning! Ron Sims photo, 2717 Cornell, D.M. IA 50313"--Photograph verso.

Two story wooden depot.

Small wooden shed next to two sets of tracks.

Single story wooden depot with sign for Braddyville and signal. Wooden cart and automobiles parked next to depot.

Sign for Bradford on two posts. Railroad cars on railroad tracks. Person standing next to cars and another person on building behind cars. "[Vie]w looks N. [Ron] Sims photo; [271]7 Cornell, [D]M IA 50313"--Photograph verso.