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Frontal entrance view of the Grey house in winter, looking northeast.

Frontal view of White house entrance in winter.

Photograph of Gardener's house, looking sorthwest.

Photograph of a John Heitzman working in the garden, south of the Grey house across the lane.

Children seated, Left to right: Don Heitzman, Nan Kirch, Ray Heitzman, Ginny Kirch, Frindy Burden, Norm Kirch, Vidie Burden. Adults kneeling, Left to right: Katherine "Kay" Sullivan (behind), Arlene Friedlein (front), Irene Kirch, Clara…

Photograph of Geo Marshall and Hazel Marshall sitting in buggy. Taken at Sullivan's property.

George A. Burden his wife Viola Burden seated in a car under Grey house carport, with chauffeur Clarence Warren.

George A.Burden (behind) with Frindy (holding doll) and Vidie (holding ball).

George A. Burden and Viola Burden in buggy, with a woman next to it. Taken at Sullivan's property.