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Single story wooden depot with utility pole.

Tracks in field. "Looks S. Ron Sims photo, 2717 Cornell, D.M. IA 50313"--Photograph verso.

Single story depot with people on platform. Train pulling in. Cart next to depot. Signal on pole. "CM&StP Depot, Wesley, Iowa"--Caption on postcard.

Sign for Wesley. Grain elevator and train cars.

Sign for West Ames and signals. "Looks W. Two track main on left - Jewell Sub. Div curves to right. This location used to be called Ames Jct. prior to 1993"--Photograph verso.

Two sets of tracks running into the distance. Electrical wires running parallel to the tracks. "View looks E. Ron Sims photo, 2717 Cornell, D.M. IA 50313"--Photograph verso.

Boxcar depot next to tracks with automobile next to it. Grain elevator behind with sign for Wes[t Bend] Elev[ator]. "Move other from Kossuth. RI carbody"--Photograph verso.

Two story wooden depot with sign for West Bend, Railway Express Agency, and Rock Island. Ladder on depot and signal on pole. "Kossuth. Max Miller, Box 365, College Corner, Ohio 45003"--Photograph verso. In with Palo Alto County photos.

Two story wooden depot with signal on pole. Other buildings around depot.

Single story depot with signal on pole in front. Automobiles parked next to depot.