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Single story wooden depot. "Railroad Photos, Basil W. Koob, Box 279, Fort Dodge, Iowa"--Photograph verso

Single story wooden depot with sign for Bagley. Grain elevator and automobiles in background. "Milwaukee Road. View looks Southeast. Photo taken by: Ronald D. Sims, 3402 W. 50th Street Apt. 2, Des Moines 10, Iowa"--Photograph verso.

Small metal shed near tracks. Railroad crossing sign. "Looks SW. Ron Sims photo, 2717 Cornell, D.M. IA 50313"--Photograph verso.

Single story wooden depot with sign for Baldwin. Stop sign next to road.

Grain elevator and other buildings. Welp's Chicks & Feeds sign on grain elevator.

Single story wooden depot.

Sign for Barnum and crossing signal. "[Vi]ew looks W. [Ro]n Sims photo, [27]17 Cornell, [D.M.] IA 50313"--Photograph verso.

Shed with sign for Barnum. "View looks W. Photographed by: Ronald D. Sims, 2717 Cornell St., Des Moines, Iowa 50313"--Photograph verso.

Sign for Bartlett on two posts. Grain elevator to right. Railroad cars sitting on tracks. "Looks S. Ron Sims photo, 2717 Cornell, DM IA 50313"--Photograph verso.

Two wooden sheds next to railroad tracks. One has sign for Bartlett on it.