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Freight cars on track in fields. "MTY Rock train passing Ashawa, IA. Ronald D. Sims, 2717 Cornell St., Des Moines, Iowa 50313"--Photograph verso.

Sign for "Begin Bigelow Block/End Ashton Block" next to tracks. Railroad signals. "[Vi]ew looks N. [Ro]n Sims photo, [27]17 Cornell, [D]M IA 50313"--Photograph verso.

Sign for Ashton on post next to tracks. Grain elevator and signal.

Grain elevators to right of tracks.

Sign for Atalissa. Grain elevator with sign for Kent Atalissa Ag Service, Inc. Automobiles parked near grain elevator. "View looks W. Ronald D. Sims, 2717 Cornell St., Des Moines, Iowa 50313. Railroad Photography"--Photograph verso.

Single story depot.

Sign for Atalissa on two posts. Grain elevator with "Kent" and "Atalissa Ag Service Inc." signs. Crossing signals. "Looks W. Ron Sims photo, 2717 Cornell, D.M. IA 50313"--Photograph verso.

Single story depot with track running in front.

A few single story wooden buildings, with sign for Atkins on one of them.

Large, multi-story depot with trailer pulled up to loading dock. Large building in background. Signal on pole. "View looking east. Photo taken by: Ronald D. Sims, 3402 W. 50th Street, Apt. 2, Des Moines 10, Iowa"--Photograph verso.