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Iowa City Town and Campus Scenes

Contributor: University of Iowa Libraries, Special Collection and University Archives

The Iowa City Town and Campus Scenes Collection contains work by the two photographers who were primary in capturing the history of the Iowa City area for over a century. Samuel Calvin, Professor of Natural Sciences at the University of Iowa (1873-1911) exhibited important geological features both in and outside of Iowa with his glass plate camera, but his photographs of Iowa City and the University of Iowa campus show its history in beautiful detail. Frederick Wallace Kent followed as lecturer and instructor in photography at the University beginning in 1923, and later founded the University Photo Service in 1947. Kent captured not only university life such as sports and graduation in detail, but also photographed commercial and residential buildings off-campus in Iowa City, both from the ground and above. Together, these two photograph collections are an invaluable pictoral piece of Iowa City history.

Iowa State University Library County Histories Collection

Contributor: Iowa State University, Special Collections

The Iowa County Histories document the early history of Iowa and provide biographical sketches of its citizens. Descriptions of the events that shaped the towns, early settlement, territorial history, local government, economic development, and surveys and statistics provide some of the background. These electronic versions are full-text searchable through the Acrobat search option and navigable via the bookmarks tab to the left of the page images.

Iowa State University Library Iowa History Collection

Contributor: Iowa State University, Special Collections

This collection contains Iowa county histories, some of which were compiled and written by the Iowa Writers' Program of the Works Projects Administration.

Iowa State University Photographs Collection

Contributor: Iowa State University, Special Collections

The Iowa State University Library Special Collections Department maintains over 1,000,000 photographs. The majority of the images are about Iowa State University and focus on the activities of faculty, staff, students, and alumni. They cover the topics of agriculture, science, technology, home economics, and campus events. These digitized images are an example of what can be found in the special collections at Iowa State University.