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John P. Vander Maas Railroadiana Collection

Contributor: University of Iowa, Libraries Special Collections

The John P. Vander Maas Railroadiana Collection, held by the University of Iowa Libraries Special Collections Department, includes hundreds of thousands of items related to the American railroad industry. For over 30 years, John P. Vander Maas collected the timetables, train orders, menus, tickets, passes, postcards, business forms and other ephemera from multiple railroads across the country. Vander Maas also collected hundreds of images of locomotives and equipment and depots for multiple railways across the country. This digital collection represents Vander Maas' collection of railroad depot photographs from the state of Iowa, held in scrapbooks where images are organized by state, county and town. The photographs document extant and long-abandoned depots in images dating from the late 1800's into the 1980's. The bulk of the photographs date from approximately 1950 to 1980. A valuable resource for both railroad aficionados and scholars, the Vander Maas collection is one of the most impressive gatherings of railroad source material in the country.

University of Iowa Libraries Bookbinding Model Collection

Contributor: University of Iowa Libraries

The Historical Bookbinding Model Collection is a resource used in book studies courses at the University of Iowa. These models represent and demonstrate the structures and characteristic mobility of books across time and cultures. The collection is housed in the Preservation department of the University of Iowa Libraries. The collection can be accessed by maker, education function, structure name, culture context, production context and century of prevalence. The search terms used are provided in a thesaurus.