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Curtiss-Wright Engineering Cadettes

Contributor: Iowa State University Library, Special Collections Department

During World War II, the Curtiss-Wright Company experienced a shortage of engineers. In 1943, They set up programs to train women to become engineers at seven colleges and  universities across the country.  Iowa State University was one of these universities where 97 women enrolled the first year. The items in this collection include information about the program.

63. Drainage Construction

Drainage Construction

Mills County Soil and Water Conservation District Historical Collection  

Contributor: Josiah C. Wearin, Mills County Soil and Water Conservation District

During its initial years, Mills County Soil and Water Conservation District did more than any other district in the nation to encourage interest in soil conservation. Many of the successes of the District were due to the enthusiastic conservationist, Ray W. Jones. Jones promoted good land use by offering conservation plans featuring: open ditches, seeding pastures, land rotations, sod waterways, residue management, terraces, drainages, contour farming, and established field boundaries. He also created the National Plow Terrace Building Contest, which grew from a small county-wide contest to a national affair attracting many thousands of people.

This collection contains annual reports, newsletters, photos, and other related information. It is a compilation of the many different points of interest to the District as it progressed throughout the county. Many are aerial photographs of fields, taken by Jones, and used as an adjunct to soil use planning. The District carried out an effective campaign to get farms under complete conservation practices by providing soil-conserving plans.